Dianabol, Anabol, Danabol, D-Bol, Methandienone, 100x5mg Akrikxin


Dianabol, Anabol, Danabol, D-Bol, Methandienone, 100x5mg Akrikxin

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Dianabol is an oral steroid that dates back to 1960, it was produced by CIBA (it is also known as d-bol its generic name is Methandrostenelone).
Currently it is manufactured in Thailand and Romania.
This drug has anabolic (muscle building) and androgenic (masculinization) properties. Since its first use 40 years ago D-Bol has quickly become the most popular steroid in the bodybuilding world, many bodybuilders have taken it (take it) like the famous Arnold , see ,

Dianabol is recognized as the "mass steroid", gaining 1-2 kg of muscle mass per week during the first 6 weeks of treatment is normal.
Muscle gain is made up of an increase in muscle tissue and water retention.

Dianabol/Methandrostenolone / methandienone

Dianabol is an oral steroid having a great effect on protein metabolism. Dianabol promotes protein synthesis, thereby supporting protein accumulation. This effect is manifested by a positive nitrogen balance and an improved feeling of well-being. Dianabol has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect which is manifested in a huge gain in strength and mass in the user. Dianabol is simply a bulk steroid that works fast and effectively. A weight gain of 2-4 pounds per week for 6 weeks is normal with Dianabol. The additional weight consists of a real increase in tissue (hypertrophy of muscle fibers) and, particularly, a noticeable retention of fluids. Dianabol easily converts to estrogen and is definitely not a good choice when competition is a goal.Excessive water retention and conversion to estrogen can be avoided in most cases by the simultaneous intake of Nolvadex and Proviron such that some athletes are able to take Dianabol up to 4 days before the competition. An effective daily dose is between 15-40 mg/day. New steroid users do not need more than 30mg of Dianabol per day as this is enough to achieve good results within 6 weeks. When the effect of Dianabol begins to wear off and the athlete wishes to continue treatment, the athlete should add an injectable steroid such as Deca- Durabolin instead of increasing the dose.

Since the half-life of Dianabol is only 3.2-4.5 hours, the intake of the tablets should be spread out over the day to achieve an equal concentration of the product in the blood. It is recommended to take the tablets if possible during meals in order to avoid possible gastric pains. A mere intake of 10mg results in a 5x increase in the average testosterone level in males. Women should not take Dianabol as severe virilization symptoms may occur. Although Dianabol has many side effects, they are rare when the dosage does not exceed 20 mg/day. Since Dianabol increases mass rapidly due to high water retention, high blood pressure and increased heart rate may occur. The addition of Nolvadex and Proviron may be necessary since Dianabol converts strongly to estrogen and sometimes causes gynecomastia (enlarged breasts).Due to its high androgen content and conversion to dihydrotestosterone, Dianabol, in some athletes, can trigger severe acne of the face, neck, chest, and shoulders, since the function of the sebaceous glands is thus stimulated. If a hereditary predisposition exists, Dianabol can also accelerate hair loss. When taking more than 50 mg/day, aggressive behavior is sometimes observed which, when returning to training, can constitute an advantage. Despite all the possible symptoms, Dianabol provides all athletes with an "anabolic feel good" that improves mood and increases appetite and which, along with results obtained, improves the confidence of several users.


The recommended dosage is 15 to 40 mg / day over a period of 6 to 10 weeks (do not exceed 10-week courses of consecutive intakes of "anabolic" steroids)
Recommend 1 cure of 6 to 8 weeks, and the following 6 weeks do not take anabolic steroids.
Women should not use Dianabol because of its androgenic effects, it creates symptoms of virilization (masculinization).
For women 1 recommended dosage is 5 to 10 mg / day (over 1 course of 4 to 6 weeks).

General Anabolic Steroids

The base :
Your body makes testosterone with cholesterol.
All synthetic steroids are derivatives of cholesterol. They are studied to remain in the organism for a long time, contrary to the natural testosterone which circulates in your body and which ceases to act after a short life of 3 hours.
Steroids have an effect that lasts variably from 48 hours for Stanozolol to 3 weeks for Nandrolone decanoate.

Anabolic and androgenic component:
An anabolic/androgenic effect ratio characterizes each product.The goal of medical research is to obtain the most anabolic effect and the least androgenic effect.
The goal of the doped athlete is to improve his performance while preserving his health as much as possible.

The Anabolic effect:
It helps retain nitrogen in the muscle cells and makes them swell through the accelerated assimilation of proteins, provided that you absorb enough calories. (it does not multiply them cf . a future article on the growth hormone)
So thanks to the anabolic effect your muscles congest more.
Nitrogen retention promotes the regeneration of muscle tissue, makes it stronger faster and prevents your body from burning muscle tissue when you do not eat enough.
It lowers the stress hormone cortisol and gives you a feeling of well being.

The androgenic effect:
Stimulates the spinal cord which leads to polycythemia (+ red blood cells) increasing the transport of oxygen to your muscles, making you more enduring, but also thickening the blood which could in extreme cases lead to cardiac arrest. Note that the process of elimination of red blood cells (life of 90 to 150 days) by the spleen can increase bilirubin (I have experienced this, it gives you a beautiful color yellow and is very scary when you think of drug-induced hepatitis).

The retention of water and sodium causes a rise in blood pressure, but in return relieves the joints and connective tissues. Your well-oiled joints will hurt less if you take an androgen due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The strength is largely due to the androgenic effect, but can lead to tearing of muscles or ligaments although I have not observed any directly related to steroids in my entourage.

Aggression and sexual hyperactivity can result from taking androgens but depends on your basic temperament. Most really big bodybuilders are super nice, super quiet people.

The androgen receptors never saturate, ie the androgen component always has the same effect, whatever the dose or the duration of the treatment.

The aromatization of steroids:
It is important to note that after a certain time in the body, androgens aromatize, ie they are partly transformed into two undesirable substances, DiHydroTestostà ©rone and estrogens which are a female hormone (which goes against the desired goal).

Your DHT receptors are primarily:
-In the skin: acne in prone subjects and very common, hirsutism and faster hair growth
– In the prostate: to be monitored from the age of 40, do not take androgens if you have prostate cancer, even if it is not clinically proven that steroids lead to prostatic hypertrophy.
– On the temples: temporal baldness in predisposed subjects, irreversible.
-In the testicles: testicular ultrasounds to be planned from time to time.

The Gonado-hypophyseal axis is inhibited by the introduction of exogenous androgens (coming from outside). In reaction to an external supply of androgens, the body stops producing testosterone. When you finish your course of steroids, the artificial androgen level that you have brought drops rapidly (3 weeks for most long-acting steroids), the body has need a lot more time to get it back to normal. At this time the level of male hormone in your body would not turn a 12 year old girl pale, with all the inconveniences that entails.
Nevertheless, even if spermatogenesis decreases (sometimes accompanied by a decrease in testicular volume and libido disorder) I specify that all these effects are reversible and controllable, in particular thanks to ¢ce with HCG and Clomid or Ovinum (generic).
These products act as a decoy on the pituitary gland and allow the balance to be restored more quickly.
Taking anabolics has NEVER permanently sterilized anyone.
NONE of the negative effects on the gonado-pituitary axis are irreversible.

Estrogen can cause:
Gynecomastia: estrogens come to stick behind the wall of your mammary glands, in men it's quite ugly, especially under a tight t-shirt.
A temporary depression, sometimes severe.
Muscle wasting and softening.
Accumulation of fatty tissue on the hips.
However to avoid these symptoms there are chemical countermeasures, Proviron (Mesterolone) and Nolvadex.

Potential Adverse Organ Effects

Effects on the liver:
Disorders may appear during uninterrupted treatment, without medical supervision, or in predisposed subjects, and particularly with Alpha-17-Alkylated products. These disorders range from cholestasis (obstruction of the bile ducts), Hepatic Peliosis (cysts and blood in the liver tissues), drug-induced hepatitis…
In general, these troubles occur after uninterrupted or over-dosed treatments.
So control and protect the liver as best you can, with Legalon, for example.
Know how to stop from time to time between cures, use oral steroids often alkylated in Alpha 17 as little as possible because it is clinically proven that the absorption of alpha-17 alkylated can lead to has tumors and cancers.
That said, no link between other steroids and tumors or cancers of the liver is proven at the moment, at least I do not know of it, which does not mean that it are not toxic.

Kidney effects:
As steroids considerably alter the water and electrolyte balance of your body, your kidneys are subjected to more stress be attentive to the color of your urine and personal history . It has happened in rare cases (but you can be one of them statistically) that serious tumors have appeared.

Effects on the heart:
Cardiac hypertrophy will undoubtedly be more due to your training than to the injection of steroids. No link between cardiac hypertrophy and steroids has so far been clearly demonstrated.

Other possible effects:
Steroids can raise your cholesterol levels, both good and bad, so get checked regularly to avoid heart problems, especially if you eat anything what.

The increase in your weight can lead in extreme cases to joint problems or sleep apnea.

Other disorders like nausea, vomiting, migraine, gastrointestinal disorders

Special warnings:
Watch out for your kidneys with Parabolan and Finaject.
Watch out for your liver especially with Anapollon 50, and Dianabol
(for this it is advisable to take "legalon" to buy in any pharmacy without a prescription).
Watch out for the prostate with Proviron.

Have analyzes carried out regularly:
Doing analyzes is essential if you plan to take steroids. Nobody will swing you even if it is forbidden (medical secrecy guaranteed) and anyway prevention is better than cure.

Liver :
Transaminases: TGO / TGP if they increase too much above normal attention, danger for the liver, significant risk.
Bilirubin: bilirubin can increase for lots of reasons but it is to be watched, because combined with other symptoms it allows to diagnose certain pathologies.
Alpha fetoproteins: to do if you use Alpha-17-Alkyles, this marker indicates if your liver cells are in good shape.

Kidneys :
Alkaline phosphatase

Others :
Red blood cells: Too many red blood cells is dangerous.
Circulating testosterone
HDL/LDL Cholesterol

A liver ultrasound once a year is not a luxury of precautions.

Check the color of your urine, your eyes, the size of your liver, listen to the alarms that your body can send you.

You're not a doctor, the person who sold you steroids even less and your training partners can't help you much more.
Your body is state of the art and if you want to boost it there are a lot of parameters to take into account. Try to find yourself a trusted doctor who will not judge you on ethics but who will protect you from excess. Do not seek complacency from doctors: they will never give you steroids, and they will never tell you that it is okay to take them, and they may be right even if you are convinced otherwise.
Remember that anabolics are drugs and not protein powders, so increasing the dose does not mean you will get bigger, but you will probably get more Side effects.
Be smart and seek information where it is objective.
If you use these products do not add stress to your body: eat enough, never drink, never alcohol, do not smoke, have a healthy lifestyle.If you decide to take this step it is because you want exceptional results so give yourself the means, if not, stick to natural supplements.

The side effects:

The side effects can be felt at high doses and they are multiple (depending on the individual):
– hypertension, increased blood pressure, heart risks.
– Acnes
– Nervousness, aggressiveness, some cases of depression, …

The effects of this anabolic remain in the body for a few weeks after its use, the detection time of this steroid is around 3 weeks.

Example of a 4 week cure with Dia:

S1: 30mg diana+1 nolva+4 legalon per day
S2: 40mg diana+1 nolva+4 legalon per day
S3: 40mg diana+1 nolva+4 legalon per day
S4: 30mg diana+1 nolva+4 legalon per day
S5: 2 Clomid or Ovinum/jr + Clembu
S6: 1 Clomid or Ovinum/jr + Clembu
S7 – S11: Clembu

You start Clenbuterol in week 5 by gradually increasing the doses until your plateau phase (tremors of the hands which pass over time and disappear as you continue the treatment, it varies according to the people, it's up to you to see how you you feel but it's about 120 to 160mcg / day or 6 to 8 tabs max of 20mcg)
The Clenbu is used to fix and not to lose the assets of the cure of Dia. Which can amount to an average of 50%, so in order not to lose half of your cure, it is advisable to take a little Clenbu.

Clenbu is taken:

Day 1: 1 tablet 20 microGr
Day 2: 2"
Day 3: 3"
Day 4: 4"
Day 5: 5” (maximum dose for a woman 5 tablets)
Day 6: 5”6 for men
Day 7: 5 » 7 for men (maximum dose for a man 7 tablets)
Day 8: 5”7 for men
Day 9: 5”7 for men
then you continue to take the maximum dose until day 14.
Day 15: nothing
Day 16: nothing
Day 17: maximum dose
Day 18: maximum dose
Day 19: nothing
Day 20: nothing
Day 21: maximum dose
Day 22: maximum dose
Day 23: nothing
Day 24: nothing
Day 25: maximum dose
Day 26: maximum dose
And so on for the duration of the treatment
Total duration of the treatment: 9 weeks then carry out a pose of 2 months.

WOMEN: A box of 200 tablets of 20 microGr allows a cure of 9 weeks. Will remain 20 tablets.

MEN: A box of 200 tablets of 20 microGr allows a cure of 7 weeks.


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